The CIBET Initiative

Certified In Building Engineering Technologist Training

CIBET Curriculum

MISSION: Provide a foundation of knowledge to the in building RF Engineering and Project Management communities, whereby a comprehensive cross section of the scientific principles and program context decisions associated with in building DAS deployments are examined from a practical perspective through a week long series of hands on practical experimentation, debates, presentations and problem solving sessions.

Highlights of CIBET 5

  • The optional first day Boot Camp features either the CIBET RF Fundamentals Boot Camp or Advanced Track options.
  • All students will come together for three days of intensive RF learning and hands on practical exercises.
  • Advance track students are given the Design Challenge exercise Monday to work on this exercise throughout the week.
  • The presentations and practical experimentation will raise questions and offer guidance.
  • The practical exercises have been expanded to include twelve hours days of hands-on training in six different areas.
  • New Debate Topic for 2016: Be it resolved that severe LTE link performance degradation is occurring as a result of non participant interaction with the DAS environment.